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I am passionate about becoming the best version of myself. To that end, I love learning, and so this alignment of passion with curiosity is what makes me happy.

Julie Kenny
2 min readFeb 13


All these great learnings often mean my brain is whirling with thoughts and ideas. I like to write my wild ramblings to relieve some of the pressure. When I edit this brain dump, it allows me to find some logic and patterns in the ideas and thoughts I have.

I use this writing to help me with my executive training. The edited ideas are where I take these hopefully clearer thoughts into exciting and engaging sessions. I also give my audience practical ways to apply their learning.

Learning without action is a wasted opportunity.

I love it when people engage with me on the content I share with them. Questions, feedback and comments allow me to learn more as well.

Creativity is essential to me as well. Some of my creative pursuits are fiction writing and painting. To that end, I have written several science fiction/fantasy novels.

I like to paint with acrylics, and I am working on my self-limiting belief that I must be perfect at everything I try my hand at.

Talking of self-limiting beliefs, I have a lot. I like to explore these honestly in my writing. It’s not about beating myself up. I do it to understand myself better. I can improve when I know why I feel the way I do. I can challenge myself to be better, grow and develop.

Everyone can break free from the things that hold them back. We need to know what they are and then take one step at a time to make those changes stick.

I believe in value-based living. My values are connection, communication, creativity and continuous learning. To help me live these values, I journal each morning. I ask myself three questions.

  • Did I live my values yesterday?
  • How can I live my values better?
  • How can I live my values today?

By doing this, I plan my day effectively and keep myself focused on what I want to achieve in my life. I can achieve my long-term gains through small incremental steps. I must ensure the steps I take today to go in the right direction.

I am an executive trainer, facilitator and coach. I love my job and am passionate about sharing my knowledge in communication, leadership, behavioural and interpersonal skills.

Please reach out if you find something I have written speaks to you. If you see something exciting and want to reach out, please do. If you found me insufferable or if I annoyed you in some way, please reach out. It might be a growth opportunity for us both.



Julie Kenny

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