Emotional Blips Happen, and That's Okay.

It's what we do to get through them that matters.

Julie Kenny
4 min readMay 28, 2024
Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

Last year, I wrote a few essays about my struggles with my mental health. Well, last week, I had a blip. It was a struggle to get through the week, and I did things that were not effective for my mental health.

How I identified the blip

The signs were my sleep schedule went bad, not enough sleep and not enough deep and rem sleep. I struggled to find the motivation to do things I enjoyed.

I do Interstisital Journalling, where I note when I start an activity and make a short note about it. Many of my notes were along the lines of 'phaffed about and couldn't focus' Or 'Gave up, no motivation.'

I would pick up my journal but not write anything because I didn't want to listen to my inner voice. She wasn't very happy, and it would be an unpleasant conversation with me.

All of these symptoms rang my alarm bells. A lot of my systems are there to ring the alarm when things start to go pear-shaped. I knew two things.

It was the situation. I was sick and hormonal and had taken some feedback on my writing too personally. It then dug into my mind and pushed all my buttons. I wasn't good enough, I would never be good enough, and why did I…