Was I Creative Today?

How I Try to Live True to My Values

Julie Kenny
5 min readJan 23, 2024
Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

Most mornings, when journalling, I ask myself, did I live my values yesterday?

I have three values that make me happy and give me purpose—creativity, curiosity and connection. I then look at my schedule for the day and put in activities that will promote those values.

How did I come up with my values?

A few months into the pandemic, I attended an online workshop on values. Since then, I’ve refined my list to just those three.

After this workshop, I created a Google form with a check-in to ask:

  • Did I live my values yesterday?
  • How can I better live my values?
  • How will I live my values today?

Recently, I changed from using the Google Form to writing this in my journal. I write the three values and then list what I did to live those values. When I set my daily priorities, I also connect my values with my actions, activities and tasks.

This change prompted me to reevaluate my values so I can better understand what it means to live by them.


Creativity is both the creation of new stories and objects as well as creating new connections…