What to do when you've stopped doing the life changing habits.

Because changing or creating habits is hard.

Julie Kenny
6 min readMay 14, 2024
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

About 40 to 45% of our days are spent out of habit. We can use this aspect of ourselves for good, or it can pull us down in unhelpful behaviour. Last year, I set myself the goal of reading for thirty minutes daily. This meant I needed to set up a system that allowed me to make this behaviour habitual.

How did it go?

After some tweaks and changes, last year, I read non-fiction for thirty minutes most days and got through forty-seven books by year's end. I was delighted with myself, chuffed and oh so determined to keep going this year.

How it's going?

I've read four books this year to date. I'd read ten by the same point last year. I don't want to focus on the number of books read because it doesn't matter. Reading is not a race; it's a journey, and when it comes to reading, it's about your personal journey.

My issue is that I only read five days out of thirty this month, and I don't like that. My rule for habits is to do it every day, but if you can't, no more than two days are missed, or it's not a habit.

Or it's not important.