Writing about writer’s block to overcome writer’s block.

Julie Kenny
3 min readJan 28, 2022
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It’s not often I feel stuck with writing. Generally, I have loads of ideas and just sit down and write. I don’t worry about whether people want to read what I have written or not — I do that when I come back and edit what has been created. Sometimes I deem pieces I have written as not worth publishing or not something I am ready to post at that moment.

Writing on Medium is an opportunity just to put pieces out there. I would like to be a writer and to call myself a writer. I should write regularly. I figure earning money as a writer will only come if I can promote myself effectively. I don’t make it a priority with everything else I am currently doing, so it doesn’t happen. That said, having been writing consistently for the past 12 months, I now have an impressive body of work.

It means that I can go back through my old work to edit, refine, and improve depending on what it is. This is great, but I just need to make sure I do it.

I have really been struggling to write creatively. For the last two years, I have had two novels in my head. Both are partially written, and I just need to finish them. This is, unfortunately, the story of my life.

I am very good at starting a task or an activity. I am also good at persevering with that task till it’s almost done. Then when I must get feedback or put it to bed, I get stuck. This is another reason why I really like publishing to Medium. I can practice pushing myself to post even if the piece isn’t perfect. This has helped me get more comfortable with an area that I have struggled with in the past.

Last month I thought this month would be quiet regarding my paid work. I had grand plans to spend my time decluttering and publishing. I also planned to do some personal development in podcasting and social media. Thankfully I ended up with enough paid bookings that this month will be one of my better one’s financially, which is excellent. But it has meant that the non-paid activities must go on the back burner.

I’ve also been calendaring my days less and taking some downtime when available. I noticed that I tend to over block my time. If I can’t get things done, I feel frustrated with myself. I have not been blocking as much of my calendar to try and counter this.

Julie Kenny

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